In 2013, we closed 11,024 cases on behalf of 19,799 people – and saved the city over $40 Million!

The Urban Justice Center serves New York City's most vulnerable residents
through a combination of direct legal service, systemic advocacy, community
education and political organizing. Our 10 Projects assist clients on numerous
levels, from one-on-one legal advice in soup kitchens, to filing class action
lawsuits to bring about systemic change, to pushing social justice legislation

Our publications are an integral part
At the Urban Justice
The Urban Justice Center’s Young

Our publications are an integral part of our systemic work. We conduct original research and publish reports in order to raise public awareness, capture the attention of policymakers, and effect systemic change on issues such as welfare reform, prison policies, and police practices. In addition, we compile handbooks, resource guides and training manuals designed to help clients help themselves, as well as to educate and assist service providers and other advocates.

The Urban Justice Center’s Young Professional Board (YPB) is a new initiative based on the incredibly successful Event Committee that reinvigorated our Night Out summer fundraiser. By formalizing this Board, we hope to offer members more ways to get involved, more professional development opportunities, and a greater network of peers interested in social justice and civic responsibility.