Executive Office

Our executive office employs those staff whose work serves the Urban Justice Center as a whole. It is composed of four departments:



  • Gretchen Nealon, Director of Development, 2008 to present; Columbia University, M.S. 2006, M.P.A. 2006; North Central College, B.A. 1997.
    • Hugh Ryan, Development Associate, 2011 to present; Bennington College, M.F.A. 2009; Cornell University, B.A. 2000.
    • Cindy Lozito, Designer, 2016 to present; Macaulay at Hunter College B.A., 2014.


  • Katie Urtnowski, Director of Administration, 2014 to present; Adelphi, B.S. 2011.
    • Josué Figueroa, Assistant Director of Administration, 2002 to present; State University of New York at Oswego, B.A. 2001.
    • Alice Lam, Office Coordinator, 2016 to present; The Graduate Center, City University of New York, M.A. 2016;  Queens College, B.A. 2014.
    • Vanessa Rosario, Office Coordinator, 2016 to present; John Jay College of Criminal Justice, B.S. 2013.
    • Judi Mercedes, Front Desk Coordinator, 2016 to present; John Jay College of Criminal Justice, B.S. 2013.
    • Clarisa Ortiz, Front Desk Coordinator, 2014 to present; Touro College, pursuing B.S.; Plaza College, A.S. 1990.
    • Thomas Renyak, Systems Administrator, 2000 to present; Queens College, M.A. Computer Science 1993; Queens College, B.A. 1988.



  • Andrew Shoffner, Controller, 2006 to Present; California State University-Fullerton, M.F.A., 1993; Miami University of Ohio, B.A., 1990.
    • Idlir Kalemi, Fiscal Coordinator, 2013 to present; City University of New York – Brooklyn College, B.A. 2011.