Board of Directors

The Urban Justice Center’s Board of Directors is composed of some of the finest lawyers, social justice advocates, educators, and concerned New York City residents and business members. We are proud to have this group of excellent minds as a dedicated body of support for the wide-reaching work of the Urban Justice Center.

For more information, please click on a boardmember’s name below.

Joe Hamid (Board Chair)

Arnold B.Peinado (Secretary)

Joel M. Frank (Treasurer)

Michael A. Barasch

Pat Budziak

Kenyatta Cheese

Michael F. Coyne

Richard Edlin

Marc Falcone

Helen Hershkoff

Charlene Jones

Peter Koffler

Stephen Loffredo

Mitchell A. Lowenthal

Fred Mwangaguhunga

David A. Singleton

Edward Turan