Our Unique Structure

Our unique structure is at the heart of our success working with diverse and highly-stigmatized populations. Our model is one of empowerment, for the people we serve and the attorneys, social workers, and advocates who serve them.

We believe that our clients, and the staff working closest with them, are the best experts on their legal needs. Each of our Projects has absolute freedom to work in the way that is best for the people they serve. They also raise their own funds, with overhead assistance from our executive office. Together, we make the Urban Justice Center an interconnected network of anti-poverty initiatives, and we are strengthened by working in concert.


The Corrections Accountability Project works to eliminate the influence of commercial interests on the US criminal legal system.
The Domestic Violence Project helps victims of domestic violence and their children live free of violence.
The Human Rights Project uses a human rights framework to fight domestic poverty and discrimination.
The International Refugee Assistance Project provides hope and help to the world's most vulnerable refugees.
The Mental Health Project works to enforce the rights of low-income NYers with mental health issues.
The Peter Cicchino Youth Project focuses on the civil legal needs of homeless LGBTQQ youth in NYC.
The Safety Net Project works to ensure access to public benefits for low-income NYers.
The Sex Workers Project focuses on legal services/training, reporting & advocacy for sex workers.
The Street Vendor Project works to correct social and economic injustice faced by NYC street vendors.
The Veteran Advocacy Project provides free legal services to low-income veterans.