Our Legislation

The Urban Justice Center advocates for poor and dispossessed New Yorkers at all levels. Sometimes, in order to attain the most just outcomes for our clients, this means changing, repealing, or creating laws in our city, state, or country. Each Project at UJC is staffed by some of the finest, most dedicated legal minds in the country, with unparalleled expertise in their area, and they guide their own work in the most effective directions. For this reason, our Projects have complete freedom to pursue legislative advocacy as they see fit.

For example, after playing a leading role in the passage of the landmark New York Anti-Trafficking Law in 2007, our Sex Workers Project united a network of organizations to successfully campaign for the passage of the first legislation of its kind – New York’s Vacating Convictions Law on August 14, 2010. In September 2010, SWP launched the “Restoring Opportunity Project” to assist survivors of trafficking with filing motions under the new law, and to assist all persons with criminal records because of their involvement in the sex industry in overcoming barriers to employment and other life opportunities by applying for certificates of relief of civil disabilities, and advocating for these individuals with their employers. To find out more, click here.

We are in the process of developing a list of legislative highlights, which will live on this page. In the meantime, to find out about other legislative efforts at the Urban Justice Center, please visit the individual Project pages.